Two of the pieces Sia bought.


I couldn’t believe it when Sia got in touch, didn’t mind going on the waiting list and then bought four of my pieces. I have been a huge fan of hers for years so it was a unbelievable to find out she was a fan of mine!!

Tiger Lady

This top was made for me - even my painting agrees!!


Congrats to Joanne Hynes on her SS18 launch - what a collection, it was a breath of fresh air. Fabulous presentation, delighted I could make it, love my purchases. 

Back to School

These are two of the prints I created at a printmaking course @graphicstudiodublin. 



The piece on the left is an etching with monoprint, of a 30 second life drawing.

The piece on the right is a drypoint of a 1 minute life drawing.(hope I have the names correct😬🙈)

I absolutely loved the process as much as the outcome and hope these will be the first of many!

Thank you @hendersclay and @neevusfl for sharing your wealth of knowledge and making the course so thoroughly enjoyable.