A Big Important Art Book - now with Women

I am so excited and honoured to be included in the wonder woman that is Danielle Krysa’s latest project, an art book, filled with female artists. Imagine that!!


Danielle, otherwise known as The Jealous Curator, is, in no particular order, a writer, curator, artist, public speaker and all round powerhouse and champion of artists around the world. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

Art & Style

Back in March, I was invited to participate in the Art & Style exhibition in Brown Thomas. For 6 weeks, the four Brown Thomas Stores in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork showcased the work of Irish Artists in a unique collaboration between art and style.


Some pieces from my 'Heirloom' collection.


The window on Shop Street.


One of my smaller pieces beautifully framed by Evan in the Galway Frame shop.


A behind the scenes view. 


On the inside looking out.


Thanks to Niamh and her team in Galway, Sinead and Dee , for doing an amazing job!

Magic Hour


This picture makes me so happy - kids getting stuck into some art, a blush pink chair, an exploding philodendron and my ‘Magic Hour’ print in the middle of it all! Oh, and that light...

New print

This was my favourite painting from the Heirloom collection, I was tempted to keep it! I guess I'll just have to make do with a print😊

'Heirloom #2' now available in my shop as a limited edition print of 50. Link in profile.


That pink chair.....

Had a great wkd at my friend's wedding, now can I just climb into this sumptuous @frenchconnection_official chair for about 10 hours solid please! Pictured here at  @roisinlaffertykld headquarters under the watchful eye of my zebra girl print👀

📷 : @barbaracorsicophotography


Which camp are you?

Two of my paintings upside down...🙃 there are two camps of people, those that would hang a painting upside down, sideways or whatever suits their vision or those that would only ever hang it the way the artist intended... which camp are you?


Heirloom #10

Don't drop it @asger_hjort, you're being watched👀🦌 Thanks for sending in this pic of Heirloom #10 - I love to see where my paintings end up💕 



Looking forward to getting back to the studio again, and being able to get up off the floor without a hand 😬🏗 


Kathryn Eisman's Pastel Palace


If you can draw your eyes away from the stunning and talented woman in this picture, you might notice one of my paintings in the background!👀Who am I trying to kid, she is stealing the show 😍mother, author, Emmy nominated tv journalist and all round amazing person Kathryn Eisman looking wowza in her La home. If that's not enough she's just about to launch her brand new blog www.highhheeljungle.com

And yes, she probably woke up like that.

New prints


'Heirloom #22' is now available as a limited edition giclée print. It's the first of the series to be added to the shop and has an edition of 50 ✨💫